Membership info and plans 

We run specials (see below) all year long or call (804) 432-7556 to receive more information

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Looking for a ​safe place to ride?

Charles City Dirt Riders, Inc. (CCDR) is a non-profit dirt bike riding club open to motorcycles only (no four-wheelers) located in Charles City County, Virginia, between Richmond and Williamsburg. 


The track is open to members 24/7.. Call first if you are not a member and would like to check it out---DO NOT SHOW UP AND EXPECT SOMEONE TO BE HERE TO CHECK YOU IN. CALL FIRST.


The CCDR track is located on land belonging to Bob White, a long time motorcycle enthusiast and competitor, and is leased from him to the club. In addition to the motorcycle tracks, there is a horse farm, a model airplane flying club, hunting club and the land is also farmed. Bob, his wife, Sam and their family also live on the farm.

There are six tracks available for members to use:

 The facilities consist of:

  • An irrigated (watered) MX track, one of the safest tracks around with lots of table tops, great soil,​great bermed turns--a track that experts and beginners and everyone in-between can ride safely. 
  • Two Beginner/Intermediate motocross tracks, 
  •  Endurocross practice track, 
  • Flat track and TT Track (great for beginners, too!)
  • Six miles of single-track woods "Hare Scramble" Trails

 Hours of Operation: There is no restriction on the hours of operation --come 24/7--

except that during
​Waterfowl Season (Late November-January) riding is limited to Sundays Only.

The track is open to members only 24/7. Call first (804-432-7556) if you are not a member and would like to check the tracks out. Do not just show up and expect someone to be there to check you in!!!!

Family Rider Plans

(for immediate family only--no cousins, uncles, etc.)

Pay-as-you-go Family plan: 

Join now for$200.00 membership fee and $25.00 EACH time you ride for the first two riders. In other words, $50.00 maximum charge each time you ride no matter how many family members are in the plan. 


(makes you a family member till December 31)

 Plus 25.00 per person (max of $50 for family) each time you ride


Unlimited Family Rider Plan:

Want to save some money since your family rides a lot and don't want the hassle of paying each time you come? With our unlimited rider plan, you pay a one-time fee and ride as much and as many times as you want--all year long. Do the math--if you come out twice a month ($100 per month) you pay for the membership in six or so months--what a deal!

One fee of $695.00 covers your membership fee, and also covers all your daily rider fees.

Charles City County, Va.
​​(Between Richmond and Williamsburg)​

Contact Information


Guests: CALL FIRST! Guest riders may ride one time with a member for the daily rate of 25.00. After that the guest must join the club. We can accommodate guests--- BUT CALL FIRST! Do not show up at the track unannounced and expect to ride. No one may be there to sign you in.  One of the reasons we have a club is so you can ride 24/7... and also because we do not have to be here 24/ call first if you are bringing a guest.

​​Membership Forms:

Membership forms are available.
See below or go to the Contact Info/forms page to download your application. Be sure to fill out completely--including the minor waiver forms. You may also have the forms emailed to you. If your forms are in good order and have been filled out completely, mail them per instructions. You should receive your stickers and card within a week to ten days. If forms are not complete, they will be returned or held for completion and you will lose your spot in line.

​​ To join our club, download the forms below

(forms do not have specials--feel free to change):

Membership form--click here:

Minor waiver forms--click here:

Both parents MUST sign Minor Waiver Forms

Memberships run from January 1 to December 31. In other words, all memberships end on December 31, no matter what time of the year you sign up.

Club Member Responsibilities: this is a club and as a member you are expected to act responsibly, to take more trash than you bring, and to let us know about dangerous or other situations that need attention.


Single Rider Plans


Join for $150.00 and pay $25.00 each time you ride



(makes you a single member till December 31)

(And pay 25.00 each time you ride) OR.....

Unlimited Single Rider Plan

Want to save some money since you ride a lot and don't want the hassle of paying each time you come? With our unlimited rider plan, you pay a one-time fee and ride as much and as many times as you want--all year long

One fee of $595.00 covers your membership fee, and also covers all your daily rider fees

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